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Weiman Lemon Scent Wood Cleaner and Polish 30 pk Wipes

Weiman Lemon Scent Wood Cleaner and Polish 30 pk Wipes

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Product Description

Weiman Wood Furniture Wipes gently clean, condition and beautify wood surfaces while protecting natural luster. Plus, they don?ÇÖt contain silicone or wax so you never have to deal with residue buildup.
  • Recommend using the wipes within 2 years if the canister is unopened. Once the product is opened it?ÇÖs best to use the wipes within 3-6 months.
  • No need to wait for this product to dry, simply buff it in and enjoy the streak-free shine
  • Product is great at restoring the shine of old or antique furniture.
  • Product does not contain waxes or silicones, unlike many other furniture polishes, which means it won?ÇÖt build-up on the surface.
  • Product can be used for regular cleaning without build-up, and we would recommend using it at least 1-2 times per month to keep your furniture polished and protected


  • Brand Name: Weiman
  • Scent: Lemon
  • Product Type: Wood Cleaner and Polish
  • Container Size: 30 pk
  • Product Form: Wipes
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product